Jason Yung — Painting in light with structure and code

Jason Yung, Unus Mundus (2019). Performance with Furmi Gomez November 17, 2019 during SPACE:LIGHT. Curated by Martina Mrongovius for the HoloCenter at The Plaxall Gallery, Long Island City, New York.
Jason Yung. Studio images, 2020. Left: Temple 1, Right: Temple 1 and 2 facing each other.
Jason Yung, Temple 5, 2020
Jason Yung and Fermi, New Union at 5–50 Gallery in Long Island City, New York
Paul Klee, Ancient Sound (1925)
Jason Yung, Succotash (2019)
Jason Yung, Untitled (2019)
Jason Yung. Left: Untitled (2019), Right: Not Seeing The Yellow River The Heart Does Not Die (2019)
Jason Yung. Left: Marbles (2019). Right: Elixar (2019)



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Martina Mrongovius

Martina Mrongovius

Curator of holographic, immersive and optical art exhibitions at the Center for the Holographic Arts. Occasional artist